What Is HSIE & What Does Literature Say About HSIE?

HSIE: You, Me, Our Society & It's Environment - Wordle


HSIE is about the human society and its environment. It’s also about setting a place and time and the human fascination with the way in which people interact with one another and the environment (Queensland Curriculum Corporation, 2011).

HSIE draws upon many disciplines such as history, geography, economics, anthropology, archaeology, political science, environmental studies, Aboriginal studies, religious studies and sociology (NSW BOS, 2001).


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What Does Literature Say About HSIE?

A research conducted by Reynolds and Lovat (2001) from the university of Newcastle (Education Faculty) suggests that teaching students the formal mechanics of government does lead to increased levels of political expertise and democratic commitment. There is also research evidence that indicates that formal teaching of civics does not necessarily motivate students to become involved in their community and that a more participatory approach could lead to further involvement as well as teaching civics skills. This will assist students to make judgements as to when to apply their technical and practical knowledge to new situations. HSIE must address the fact that contextual and critical knowledge will be valued more in the future world.




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